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Dead Hearts of Darkness is a documentary I am currently directing which delves into the history and culture surrounding the Zombie phenomenon. The documentary will include interviews with famed Zombie directors and actors, a historical root into the origins of Zombies and a look at the culture of Zombie Walks.
This is an award winning short film I wrote, directed and edited called Aramitama. Inspired by Oriental Horror films such as 'Dark Water' and 'A Tale of Two Sisters', this supernatural tale of repressed secrets and family tragedy endeavours to replicate the horrifying atmosphere and tension pervasive within this unique genre. The film won several awards at the Brighton Fringe, Raindance and New York/Tribeca Film Festivals around the world.
This is a short film directed by John Hoye that I edited called Theatre of Souls. I also provided the on-location sound recording. The show is over and Lucy waits at the stage door for her taxi. All she wants is to get home, but something sinister inside the theatre has other ideas and she is soon drawn into her worst nightmare.
This is a short film directed by Kevin Squelch that I edited called Apparently. I also provided the on-location sound recording. Starring Amy Blackburn from Shipwrecked, the film is a comedy based around the embarrasing and ackward responses to a collection for a soon to be leaving co-worker.
This is a short film / animation written and directed by Sam Driscoll. I provided the plates and live action footage. I also guest star as a park hoodie!
This was a commission for the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. I was asked to produce a movie trailer style video to promote their practice of both Kung Fu, and Chi-Kung.

The video was an international success, with the Shaolin Grand Master, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, praising the video and placing it in pride of place on his own website.
I once made a film entirely in Cantonese.
The longest film shoot I ever did, was 22 hours.
I became delirious and raved about Goats.
My YouTube Channel has had over 120,000 views.
I once stood in a puddle whilst holding an 800w light.
I once asked an actor playing a cannibal to eat raw liver.
For authenticity.
He did it.
I've won awards at Cannes, Tribeca and Brighton.
I've filmed three car chases. They were awesome.
I want to direct an adaptation of Good Omens.
Working with Zooey Deschanel would be good.
I'm just going to spend some time thinking about that.