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Andrew Wills - Email Icon Andrew Wills - Web Design Icon is a website created to allow clubs, classes and fitness groups to advertise in a single place and increase their revenue by reaching a broader set of new members. I found myself wanting to join fitness classes and learn new things during the last few years, but I found that nowhere provided a single solution for searching and contacting groups or clubs. I created this website to help fill that niche.
This website was developed for my game Jailbreak, it needed to fulfill multiple purposes as a news site, information centre, download provider, and community centre. I went for this design, using textures created by myself and my good friend Rob Molde to create a website that was in keeping with the theme and design of the entire game.
This is a new website I have designed for my latest game, Fireball. The game is currently in early development and as such, the website is little more than a placeholder for future content, however, I wanted to ensure it was striking and to that end I created a flaming logo which will be used in the final game and stands as an atmospheric tone-setter of what's to come.
This was a commission for a good friend of mine who works as a professional videographer, filmmaker and documentarian. He wanted an update to his very old website that made him look, slick, professional and fresh. I went for this design to try create the feeling that working with James, is like having a picnic.
The above images are a random selection of websites I have built throughout the years. The majority have been commercial commissions, whilst others are personal projects. They range from female rock bands to estate agents and furniture retailers to dentists.
I can code in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
The first website I ever made was on GeoCities.
I once made a Movie Reviews website to rival AintItCool.
Harry Knowles won.
I've owned around 50 different domains over the years.
I've been the victim of one domain hijack.
Fuck you domain hijacker.
I started YouTube, before YouTube #hipster.
I think Twitter is better than Facebook.
Firefox is the browser to rule all browsers.
I tried Chrome. Meh.
I love Reddit. It's the best site on the internet.
Randall Munroe is a genius.